Reports surface of US airstrikes targeting Iran backed militias in Iraq

Arabic news sources, Ynethas reported that US has conducted airstrikes on Iranian-backed Iraqi Shia militia locations near Jurf al-Sakhar in Iraq. Nine people have been reportedly killed. 

@RanjAlaaldin, affiliated to the Brooking Institute also tweeted : “ Reports of a US strike on Iran-aligned groups in Iraq are coming in after three explosions were heard in Jurf Sakhar southwest of Baghdad, a major Ketaib Hezbollah stronghold and sanctuary. Media accounts linked to Iran’s proxies have reported fatalities.” 

He further tweeted in one of the replies: “ Defence official tells @JenGriffinFNC no US strikes were carried out but militia accounts have reported fatalities & blame the US, while a Ketaib Hezbollah source has told @Mustafa_salimb an attack did take place. Needs further verification. Israeli strike should not be ruled out”. 

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