Remains of executed officers by Bashir’s regime to go back to families

The remains of 28 officers who were executed in the year 1990 for taking part in a coup plot against then-President Omar al-Bashir will be returned to their families, says the Sudanese military.

The families of the executed officers have demanded justice and wishes to see Bashir and his aides face the trials. The families apart from it, demands return of the officers’ body for a proper burial.

In April 1990, 38 officers were arrested for taking part in the coup of which 28 were executed while 10 officers escaped the death penalty.

Abbas Ghalib, one of the 10 officers who escaped the death penalty said, “You stand in the court if you are guilty or not. If yes, the sentence is execution. If not guilty, the sentence is also execution. You don’t have the right to defend yourself or any kind of rights, you don’t have any right to talk. Once the execution sentence was issued, they led the officers away, chained in handcuffs.” Ghalib says he supports efforts to hold Bashir accountable for his crimes and to turn Sudan into a viable democracy.  

Bashir and a group of his aides has been charged with undermining Sudan’s Constitutional order through the 1989 coup.  

Last month, the military announced it will upgrade the ranks of the executed officers to restore their honor.

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