Recent explosive attack in north-western Syria claims lives of two children

In a recent explosive attack in Syria two children lost their lives while three civilians stand seriously wounded.

On June 5, a car bomb went off in Syria’s north-eastern city of Ras al-Ayn causing the casualties. A report stated that the explosion was caused by a booby-trapped taxi, which was detonated near the national hospital in the city, in the evening of June 5.

Ras al-Ayn is located in the north-western countryside of Hasakah Province of Syria and is under the control of the Turkey-backed rebels. The report further stated that infighting between rebel groups renewed in the area on June 5.

Several areas in north-eastern Syria has been under the control of Turkey and its allied Syrian rebels, following a military campaign launched in October, 2019.

Since then, over influence and power, the country has been the regular victim of violence that has caused immense loss to life and property in the country.

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