Racism in South Africa and Non- Aligned effort

The racial segregation in living standards and discrimination in the public system in the early decades is still haunting South Africa with an evil wand. Since the time racial segregation and colonialism were taken as the point of contention for political operations by National Party that later merged with Democratic Party, the cultural imbalances began to sprout within the citizens. Under its tenure from 1948 to 1994, a serious racial projection of values among the people had been projected. The differences began to cripple the country due to complexion and general cultural differences that had been made, the country’s development towards a better nation was hindered due to the seed of negativity sowed.
In 1994, South Africa became a part of Non-Aligned Movement. The acceptance of the country by NAM has proved its credibility and the standards of working, which since then has been assisting the country to fight against colonialism and racial discrimination among people. The considerations of South Africa by NAM had been handled very judiciously; due to the positive approach and effort to eradicate the negativity from the country, NAM has always been a helping hand for SA. After the positive affirmations for fighting against Apartheid activities, SA felt relieved and became more hopeful for solving the domestic and international operations. Initially, the track over domestic priorities was surfaced by the country which later included international relations as the next upcoming goal.
After getting control over past activities, the country is still having the stereotypical thinking edified in the brains. According to an examination, it’s been found that there are all kinds of operations being propelled against the white farmers and i.e. ‘racial killing’ and these farmers are called Boers. The thrust behind this activity seems to be taking its toll silently. In the past years, more than 4000 people were murdered over racism.
Country’s surveillance under NAM has come across this situation and has tagged it to overcome it. To promote democracy and peaceful relations among the people in South Africa, NAM has been working deeply throughout with its values to prevail tranquility, equal rights, freedom, justice and love around the world.
To build the worldly-mindedness in South Africa, NAM with its policies also stressed over multilateralism and positive relations with the foreign countries. Not only does NAM give its support internationally but it also helps in building bilateralism within the country. The NAM also believes that if a country is developed well inside and able to stand with a strong base then it would be easy to handle and maintain the international stability in relations. The reasons behind including South Africa as one of the NAM countries is taking the adherence of ethics seriously and help in building the foreign pursuit stronger so that the causes of developing countries can be recognized and supported globally. This idea of carrying the whole world is the reason why 120 countries and 17 observers are linked in the nexus of world operations mutually which holds 55% of the world population.“In between 2011-2014, to develop and encourage the development of South-South, NAM assisted in strengthening the foreign relations to stand up among the strong nations to recognize its image. And it acts as the commanding admiral for the country.

Since NAM supports the political participation worldwide, according to the development plans and needs of SA, the principal strategies of both are akin to each other and that’s why this makes the country and organization work flawlessly. Due to the collective responsibility, SA and NAM is one of the largest groupings among the developing countries. NAM is devoted to help expand foreign relations with positive bonding among developing nations that stand with developed nations in the world forums and to eliminate the riots domestically within the nations by spreading peace.

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