Putin warns West not to cross ‘Red line’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he will take tough actions if the West crosses the ‘Red Line’.  

Putin said some countries “blame Russia” as a “kind of sport”, although he did not reference the big issues pitting him against the US and EU, 

“I have to say this. We have patience, responsibility, professionalism, confidence in ourselves and our rightness, as well as common sense when making any decision,” the head of state underscored. “But, I hope that nobody would decide to cross the so-called red line in relations with Russia, and we will define those [red lines] on our own in every individual case. 

Russia wants to have good relations with all the participants in global communication, Putin said. “This also applies to those with whom our relations have been failing lately, to put it mildly,” the Russian leader said. 

“We do not want to burn any bridges, but if someone perceives our good intentions as indifference or weakness and intends to blow up these bridges, then [they] must know that Russia’s response will be asymmetric, swift and harsh,” the Russian president cautioned, TASS reported  

These remarks were made at the Russian president’s 17th State of the Nation Address to the Federal Assembly.

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vladimir_Putin_19-01-2021.jpg