Putin signs law that will allow him to serve as Russian President for two more terms

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday gave final approval to legislation allowing him to hold office for two additional six-year terms. 

The law was uploaded to the official Internet-portal of legal information on Monday. TASS reports that a number of provisions of the law was developed on the basis of amendments to the Constitution. One of the newly-introduced amendments is the restriction on the number of presidential terms for one person. It is applied to the incumbent president regardless of the previous presidential terms and allows the current head of state to contest the presidency twice. Also, the law says that eligible to the office of the Russian president is any citizen of Russia no younger than 35 years of age who has been resident in the country’s territory for no less than 25 years and never had the citizenship or permanent residence permit of another state. This rule does not concern Russians who earlier had the citizenship of another country which eventually was admitted to the Russian Federation in accordance with the federal constitutional law.” 

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vladimir_Putin_(2018-03-01)03(cropped).jpg