Protesting against lack of protective equipment, Zimbabwe’s Medical Workers go on strike

In a move to protest against the lack of protective equipment to fight against the deadly Coronavirus as it begins to spread in a country whose health system has blacked out, the medical workers in Zimbabwe, including doctors and nurses in public hospital on Wednesday, March 25, went on strike.

Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association president, Tawanda Zvakada said that the country has now been exposed and there seems no one to care for the same. The President of the Zimbabwe Nurses Association, Enock Dongo, confirmed participation of the nurses.

So, far the country has reported three positive Coronavirus cases, along with its first death this week while the number of cases in neighbouring South Africa has surpassed the count of 700, prompting a complete lockdown in the country from Thursday midnight, i.e. March 27. The dog-walking along with running and alcohol sales have been barred in the region and borders have been closed to human traffic.

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