President of the European Research Council resigns

Mauro Ferrari, President of the European Research Council has resigned amidst COVID-19 crisis. Mauro Ferrari became the head of the European Union’s top science organization on January 1, 2020 and his resignation has sparked a criticism in the midst of the global crisis.

He wrote, “I have seen enough of both the governance of science, and the political operations at the European Union. I have lost faith in the system itself.”

Defending itself from the allegations of not doing enough to fight the global pandemic the EU’s Executive Commission said, “The European Union has the most comprehensive package of measures combating the coronavirus and it is deploying different instruments in order to have the biggest impact for solving the crisis”.

The EU added that 18 research and development projects had already been picked at short notice to fight the coronavirus crisis. It said another 50 European Research Council projects were contributing in the EU-wide effort.

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