Porous border of South Sudan defies lockdown measures

People from the neighbouring countries of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are being allowed to enter South Sudan as the borders are quite porous. The residents of Yei River County-bordering both nations-confirms of at least 15 porous entry points at Bazi, Busia, Esebi, Kirigwa, Lasu, Ondako, Tamania, Teletin and other towns.

The Community leaders in South Sudan’s Central Equatoria state say that by allowing so, the government is undermining its own coronavirus prevention measures. Lack of strict measures and corruptive framework of those in authorities like the police, have been further escalating the risk mark.

The trespassing of travellers stands as a clear violation to the order of the President Salva Kiir that demands shutting down all border crossing points.

Dr. James Wani, Director General of the now-defunct Yei River State Health Ministry said, “As a Ministry, any person coming from outside into Yei town, he or she must undergo health screening and we are calling on the community leaders to inform us on the movement of people from the shortcut routes”.

Member of Parliament Bidali Moses, who represents Yei River County in South Sudan’s Legislative Assembly said, “I am calling on the national government task force to do more intervention in Yei than Juba because I have seen the risk here. We need people to be deployed to monitor the situation, and we need testing equipment installed at each checkpoint”.

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