Political instability paves way to Ethiopia amidst COVID-19 crisis

Political instability is paving way to threaten Ethiopia amidst the crisis situation of the pandemic COVID-19. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on May 7 said that the opposition politicians taking advantage of the uncertainty created by the coronavirus pandemic is trying to seize power in Ethiopia that holds potential to pave way for uncertainty.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed posted a recorded speech on Facebook stating, “Those pushing for unconstitutional ways to grab power… will be punished by law…Young people should not die, mothers should not cry and houses should not be demolished just so politicians can take power.”

Ethiopia- the second most populous African country was due to hold national elections in August that has been postponed by the election board in late March pertaining to infrastructural limitations because of the pandemic.

The term of the government headed by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, will expire in the month of October.

International Crisis Group analyst William Davison said earlier this week, the current political climate creates “fertile grounds for the opposition to question the government’s legitimacy, which could breed more instability”.

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:PM_Abiy_Ahmed_Ali.jpg

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