Political deadlock to see an end in Afghanistan with the signing of power-sharing agreement

Ending the long-standing political deadlock in the country, Afghan President, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and his rival, Abdullah Abdullah signed a power-sharing agreement on May 17. Both Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah claimed victory in the Presidential election of September 2019.

The news has been confirmed on Twitter by Afghan Presidential Spokesman, Sediq Sediqqi.

Per the agreement, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani will stay on as President of Afghanistan while both men will choose an equal number of Ministers. Abdullah Abdullah will head the High Council for National Reconciliation, that will lead the peace process with the Taliban.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah took to his official Twitter handle and wrote, “As we commit to form a more inclusive, accountable& competent administration, we are also reminded of the hard lessons to respect laws, fight the Coronavirus, fraud, injustice & corruption. We now need to come together as a nation, strive to seek solutions that are practical.”

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ashraf_Ghani_shakes_hands_with_Abdullah_Abdullah.jpg

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