Policymakers call for compulsory COVID-19 immunization for passengers as aviation industry attempts to revive itself after a bleak year

As the aviation industry, after a bleak year in which global passenger numbers fell by 94 per cent, attempts to revive itself, some airlines and policymakers have called for compulsory COVID-19 immunization for passengers.

Gloria Guevara, CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council said, “We should never require the vaccination to get a job or to travel. If you require the vaccination before travel, that [amounts] to discrimination.”

On the other hand, Australia’s Qantas Airways has said that it is already moving ahead with such a plan but the leader of a major travel organisation has hit out at the idea with Guevara saying, “I totally disagree with the approach from Qantas.” Adding further that the vaccines be kept and prioritised for vulnerable groups.

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Qantas_A380_VH-OQB_Sydney.jpg