Police in South Africa involved in black marketing of alcohol

The sale of all alcohol and cigarettes has been banned by the South Africa government as part of the lockdown measures so as to stem the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

The ban resulted in the looting of several liquor shops and in the latest of developments, several of the police officials have been found to be involved in the illicit sale of the alcohol.

The statement released by South Africa’s Police Minister Bheki Cele read that by far two police warrant officers had been arrested after being caught buying alcohol, allegedly for resale alongside a store manager and cashier. Further it stated that two members of the police in another province were caught escorting three light pick-up trucks loaded with alcohol.

Police Minister Bheki Cele said that ban on sale have definitely lowered the crime rate during the lockdown period but it has also opened doors for black marketing of alcohol that end up in attacks on shuttered alcohol shops.

The Ministry has confirmed of taking strict measures against the alleged officials.

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