Place national interest before political ambitions: UN to Libyans

On October 12, the United Nation’s Libya envoy appealed to the rival parties to prioritise the national interest before political ambitions when they meet next month for talks that aim at ending a decade of bloodshed.

Reiterating the same, Stephanie Williams, the acting UN Special Envoy for Libya said, “I make it a condition for anyone to participate in this dialogue that they remove themselves from consideration in high government positions. That includes the presidency council, the prime minister, ministries and various positions of sovereignty. We want to see people who are not there for their own political career but for their country.”

Dominated by armed groups, riven by local conflicts, the North African country is divided between two bitterly opposed administrations – a United Nations-recognized unity government based in Tripoli and its eastern-based rival backed by strongman Khalifa Haftar. 

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