Pipeline explosion in Syria causes nationwide electricity blackout

A massive pipeline explosion in Syria caused a nationwide blackout overnight, the images of which were shared by the state media on August 24.

The images showed a massive fire in the region located near the capital, Damascus. The explosion that occurred between the suburbs of Al-Dhumayr and Adra caused a drop in gas supply to power stations, said the electricity minister, Mohammad Kharboutli.

The electricity minister has further said that power stations were eventually reconnected and the dawn electricity has begun to be restored in some of the provinces.

The oil minister, Ali Ghanem, said that a terrorist attack may have caused the blast on the main pipeline supplying southern Syria but he provided no further details.

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Syria_-Location_Map(2013)-_SYR-_UNOCHA.svg

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