Philippine’s boat collides with Chinese one, 12 Filipinos missing

The Philippine Coast Guard has said that a fishing boat and a foreign cargo vessel collided on June 28 off the northwest coast of the Philippines province of Occidental Mindoro.

At least 12 Filipinos were missing after the collision, media reports in the Philippines said.

The hull of the capsized boat was spotted at around 10 am. Media reports claimed that the other vessel involved in the collision was “a Chinese cargo vessel” that bore the flag of China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Commodore Leovegildo Panopio, Commander of the Coast Guard’s Southern Tagalog district, said that the incident happened about 24 kilometers from Paluan town.

He said, “When our (team) arrived in the area, they still saw the fishing boat capsized but did not find anyone anymore”.

He added that because of the strong current the search of the missing persons was interrupted on June 28 but the search will be resumed on June 29.

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