Peru’s President Martin Vizcarra survives impeachment trial after Congress votes against his ouster

Peru’s President Martin Vizcarra survived the impeachment trial on September 18 after Peru’s Congress voted against his ouster. The move has led to heightened political tensions in a country at a time when the second-largest copper producer in the world is facing an economic recession and one of the worst outbreaks of the novel Coronavirus infection.

Vizcarra, during a debate that lasted for 10 hours, gave a brief statement at the beginning, following which 32 legislators voted for his dismissal while 78 voted against it and 15 restrained from voting. 

With this, the opposition-dominated Congress, out of 130 vote threshold for ousting the centrist leader on the basis of “moral incapacity” over his alleged connection to a case of irregular government contracts with a little-known singer, fell short of 87 votes. 

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