Partial lockdown begins in Madrid

Spain’s capital, Madrid, began a partial lockdown on October to curb a rise in coronavirus cases. While the Spanish government ordered the lockdown, the city has been fighting the new restrictions in court, arguing the measures would further damage the city’s economic health. 

Under the national order, Madrid’s 3 million residents are not allowed to venture from their homes except to go to work, school, shopping or for medical care. All bars and restaurants are forced to close earlier than normal and reduce their seating capacity by 50%. 

The new restrictions were approved during a meeting earlier between the government of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and the heads of Spain’s various autonomous regions.  Health Minister Salvador Illa told reporters the restrictions will apply to municipalities with at least 100,000 inhabitants each, which would also affect nine municipalities surrounding the Spanish capital.  “Madrid’s health is Spain’s health,” Health Minister Illa said. 

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