Palestine Hopes for Recovery of its Economy and Tourism through Expo 2020 Dubai

With little references to Israel’s occupation, the pavilion’s organizers seek to provide a “positive image” of Palestine to tourists while also promoting economic and tourism prospects. 

Organizers of the Palestine pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai describe the country as a deeply historic land with ancient buildings, along with its expanding tourism, it has a busy manufacturing sector and there are many investment prospects. 

Despite the challenges and constraints faced by Palestinians as a result of the Israeli occupation, which did not receive much space or discussion at the pavilion, the organizers are hopeful that this attention will be translated into tourist and economic prospects. 

The UN cautioned that Palestine’s “dire” economic and budgetary position demanded an integrated response and that years of economic stagnation in the West Bank will be followed by a dramatic drop in GDP per capita in 2020. 

The pavilion itself depicts Palestine through the five senses, taking visitors on a journey of the land through videos of historic sites, a call to prayer from a mosque, a church bell, a piece of rock from the Dome of the Rock, the aroma of olives, a virtual reality (VR) tour of religious sites, and a food table with virtual authentic cuisines and menus to browse.