Pakistan learning from its neighbour, converts railway coaches into medical wards

As a recent measure to counter the spread of the pandemic that has resulted in the toppling of the economy, the government of Pakistan has decided to begin delivering one-off cash payments of about $70 each to its 12 million poverty-stricken families, or roughly 80 million individuals.

Because of the economic shutdown the poor section of the society has been suffering across the country. Pakistan on April 9 has announced to provide a social protection response to the coronavirus amounting roughly to $90 million.

Understanding the limitations of the country’s healthcare infrastructure, PM Imran Khan said, “We anticipate our hospitals would come under immense pressure by the end of this month”.

Pakistan in the wake of the coronavirus crisis has uplifted its traditionally ill-equipped hospitals, turned about 1,800 three-star and four-star hotels into quarantine centres and taking example from India, Pakistani Railways has decided to convert air-conditioned sleeper and business class cars into medical wards, with a total capacity of 2,000 hospital beds.

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