PAHO Director outlines the challenges of COVID-19 vaccination in the Caribbean

Dr Carissa F Etienne, the Director of Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has outlined the challenges of COVID-19 vaccination in the Caribbean.Dr Carissa F Etienne. 

 The PAHO Director said: “This pandemic stands out in both scale and impact. And it has put a spotlight on two of the longstanding challenges of our region — inequality and underinvestment of our health systems.  

“Since the start of this pandemic, less than a year ago, PAHO said the Region of the Americas has recorded nearly 31 million cases and 787,000 deaths due to COVID-19. This represents roughly half of all COVID-19 infections and deaths worldwide,” she added.  

“While we hope 2021 will usher a new chapter in our fight against this virus, protecting the millions of people in our region with COVID-19 vaccines will be a huge undertaking,” Dr Etienne warned. “So, we must be patient and remain realistic that COVID-19 will be among us for some time. So, our work to control it cannot and must not stop,” she said. 

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