Opposition hits at Italy government over handling of COVID-19 situation

Opposition leader Matteo Salvini hit out at the Italy government over its handling of the Coronavirus situation in the country. The criticism at the hands of the opposition came after over 100 migrants tested positive for the novel Coronavirus at a centre in the north of the country.

“They track Italians with masks while allowing hundreds who are potentially infected to come off the boats and onto the beaches, damaging our tourism,” said the leader of the opposition, whose anti-migrant agenda was sidelined in the wake of Italy’s virus outbreak.

According to a local health official, the tests conducted on migrants living in temporary housing at a barracks in the city of Treviso showed that 129 of them have contracted the infection but showed no symptoms. Everyone in the barracks has been put under quarantine.

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Matteo_Salvini_datisenato_2018.jpg

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