Northern Kenya witnesses devastating effect of locust attack

Several towns of Kenya have been ravaged by locust attack that has exploded in East Africa and the Red Sea region in late 2019. It has been aggravated by atypical weather patterns and amplified by climate change. Swarms of locusts flew west from Yemen, and in 2020 reached Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.

Turkana, Kenya’s poorest region has become the hatching ground for the new generation of locusts. Turkana is a vast, dry scrubland in northwest Kenya that borders Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

Daniel Kirura, Head of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Turkana, said, “The locusts have come to destabilise an already bad situation … Within one week they may mature to swarms that may fly away.”

He added that teams are working hard to spray them with insecticide before they become airborne. “Our wish is to control them before they leave Turkana”, he said.

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