North Korea condemns South Korea over military drills, praises China

The recent military drills conducted by South Korea has been lashed by North Korea.

On May 8, a North Korean military representative said that recent South Korean military drills were a grave provocation that demanded a reaction.

He added, “Such reckless move of the military warmongers of the south side is the height of the military confrontation which would leave tongue-tied even their master”.

The military representative added, “Everything is now going back to the starting point before the north-south summit meeting in 2018”.

While on the other hand strengthening China-North Korea relation, supreme leader Kim Jong Un sent a congratulatory message to China’s Xi Jinping for the country’s success in controlling the pandemic.

The state report stated, “Saying that he was pleased over the successes made in China as over his own, Kim Jong Un wished Xi Jinping good health, expressing conviction that the Chinese party and people would cement the successes made so far and steadily expand them and thus win a final victory under the wise guidance of Xi Jinping”.

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