Non-woven fabric work best in blocking virus-carrying respiratory droplets, says Japanese supercomputer

The Japanese supercomputer Fugaku that modelled three types of masks –polyester, cotton and non-woven fabric masks – for examining their performance in blocking droplets from cough, said that masks made of non-woven fabric work best in blocking virus-carrying respiratory droplets.

Adding further, it said also said that other types of masks are also effective. While announcing the results, the government-backed Riken institute revealed that while other types of masks can prevent more than 80 percent of droplets, the non-woven masks perform the best in containing the spread of droplets.

Stressing on the need to wear a mask even though the weather is hot, Makoto Tsubokura, team leader at Riken’s Centre for Computational Science suggested that not wearing a mask is the most dangerous thing. “It’s important to wear a mask, even a less-effective cloth one,” said Makoto Tsubokura.

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