Non – Aligned Movement supports Venezuela over US sanctions

The intervention of United States and imposed set of sanctions against Venezuela over violation of government rules have become one of the most prominent and serious issues for NAM recently. On the basis of truthfulness and adherence of principles by Venezuela, the country does not seem to be the only warrior in the ground. After going in to the issue deeply, NAM has refused to the sanctions set by US.
The statement was sent just after the issue came in light. In the defense of Venezuelan government, The Coordinating Bureau of Non – Aligned Movement called the sanctions as threats to the government. By keeping the panel of principles and the dimensions in a balanced view, NAM considered the sanctions as the breaking of international laws and illegal interference in internal affairs between two countries.
NAM’s always been positive in persuading multilateralism and the attempt to not harm anyone’s sentiments; it is working into the core of issues and planning out the best possible solutions to maintain the relations between US and Venezuela. Since NAM’s belief of contribution in the world politics is laying out certain measures by looking into earlier years of relations between the two. The relations between United States and Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela have always been turbulent since after the intervention of then-president George W Bush in 2002. The antagonism affected the economy of both the nations.
After calling off the relations in 2008 and the elected new president Barak Obama in 2009, Venezuela wished again to bond the relations for the successful trade between the countries. Later, the diplomatic relation didn’t last long and due the instability in the official working, the ambiguity between the countries is still high.
The step to reconstruct the model of communication between the countries could not be continued because of the old official working agenda of George W Bush followed by Obama. That time the government was run under the rule of Hugo Chavez, who affirmed that the US visited the Venezuela’s Orchila Island Airbase. Later, lots of assassination attempts were made to break the government, as said by Chavez.Venezuela had been backed up earlier as well before the present set of sanctions made on 2nd February, 2015. Since then NAM has been providing all sorts of solutions to control the situation and safeguarding the system of the government. Since NAM has not been aligned to work against any entity, the organization’s motive to fling into the problems of its members has always strengthened the systems of developing countries.
In 2013, in presidential elections of Venezuelan, NAM congratulated the president Nicholas Maduro by promising the proper support in the political system and elimination of global causes for a smooth going system. The support was shown by the president of Coordinating Bureau of NAM, Mohammad Khazaee. The emphasis on increasing violence among the nations politically, culturally, and socially ;and eradication of negative entities were expressed as the major concerns.
The efforts of sweeping off the neo-colonialism and discrimination have long been the targets of NAM and the effective implementation of principles and policies has always secured the nations which are still engulfed in the dungeon. In NAM’s meetings and conferences, the timely modifications and the progressive approach with the ongoing trends are taken as top parameters for the relating problems with all sectors. Things are taken into considerations from all angles. That’s why the graph of effectiveness and trust are what constituting into the sensible working of organization. And the rejection of sanctions made US to tickle the gray matter and to call for a serious probe into the situation.
With the ongoing nexus of summits, the next 17th summit is to be held in Caracas, Venezuela in 2015.
This summit could be more beneficial in the present struggling phase of Venezuela, as the cases of Venezuela are all hot nowadays. The solutions and the new amendments in the injured areas of Venezuela could be healed to the maximum extent. The facilitation of improved economic order is to be taken care of, which can be empowered and injected into the system by the effective policies of NAM. If NAM continues to harbor its optimism and the support for its members, then it would not take decades to bring stability in 55% of the population of the world. Just to normalize the situation, where one of the powerful blocs of the world is in the scene, the auditing of the situation should be executed sagacioulsy. It needs to make sure of any non-agreesive measure not to be incorporated in the planning.

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