Non – Aligned Movement and fight against Malnutrition

Malnutrition is the fountainhead of every problem known for fracturing the economy of every single entity around the world. It is a situation which impairs not only the health of people, but also the system; the whole system, whether a cobbler earns down the street or the head of a rich organization signing agreements constitute a nation. The problem of malnutrition has left many developing countries combating to attain basic food requirements; which is still enveloping the nations from every aspect.
After coming across the situation, Non-Aligned Movement listed the issue among the most prevalent problems of third world countries. In the rotating chair system of NAM, the issue was strictly ordered to be included in the summits. NAM has always worked like a charm which its values and standards by conquering consequences of imperialism and neo colonialism to maximum extent ;and that’s why several other developing countries are steering towards the organization and accepting the principle standards with a hope to rise.
Being deprived of basic amenities, people in most of the countries lack the basic nutritional need and which is shoving back their lives to hell. Inadequate amount of food and less access to nutritional food products are the main causes of it. Children are reported to be more prone to this issue. Lack of breastfeeding and inadequate amount of food are listed as the core reasons, which are drowning the health of newborns.
Some of the symptoms that generally come across are poor gain of weight, thinning of hair, firm nails, mental retardation, swollen legs, thin body and dryness of skin. Undernourishment among the children is rising also because of high price of food products and not being able to achieve healthy standards in the rising economy. Whereas, overeating is also considered as one of the nucleus reasons, attacking the population rapidly, commonly defined as obesity. Due to economic imbalances in governmental systems, the subject seems to be taking its toll.Inappropriate proportion of nutrients causes children to put on unhealthy weight, which make them suffer from osteoporosis and related problems. NAM in its conferences and meetings is also working towards the increasing communicable and non-communicable diseases among people. NAM has always been pedantic in its working; the effective implementation of genuinely-made -principles empowers its members. Its authenticity in the ethics and credibility never let any member suffer.
The step taken by India, Burma, Ghana, Egypt, Indonesia and Yugoslavia proved to be a pain-killer for all developing countries. NAM has always been concerned about the health of people; the buoyancy to eradicate this health hazard has helped the nations to tackle every peril. It is still analyzing the problems with a fine tooth comb that directly and indirectly obstructs the nation’s growth. Due to its organizing quality, it is surviving and giving life to people who are hanging at the edge of extinction. One thing that has always been common and most effective in the meetings and conferences is persuasion of multilateralism. NAM’s pragmatic approach has been potential enough to sweep away such problems. Since it is a universal problem; battle against this cause can be won by a mutual effort, which NAM has always headed its way. It believes that the problem of malnutrition is the cradle of all social, economic, technical and cultural chaos, which one needs to work on progressively and sincerely one by one. The relations between all the processes are in the progress of filtering. The policies that the heads of the countries are laying are also under the scrutiny of NAM, which is making it easy to know the root causes. Depending on the working styles and living standards of countries, NAM is indulging in the government policies; scanning the possibilities and areas to be focused. Malnutrition is more severe when birth givers or parents don’t meet the basic nutritional value and inherit the seed of weakness in the future generations. These consequences are hard to handle for food-deprived people and they end up giving ailed lives.
According to a survey, more than 65 million children die every year due to insufficient micronutrients, where most of them are protein-deprived. NAM also considers agricultural productivity and stable government operations as the parameters to work on from the roots. Most of the farmers due to high price of insecticides and fertilizers fail to achieve the production needs, which are leading to land barrenness and unemployment. Just to give a nice dining experience and to let the people live up to their dreams, NAM has been communicating with the countries and inviting them to be a part of sessions and consensus over the most serious issues; by inducing the feeling of mutual understanding. With NAM’s successive efforts, the problem seems to be get in control and if one look into the statistics of previous decades, the problem is expected to be eradicated in few years.

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