Non – Aligned efforts and Global financial crisis

Non-Aligned Movement has long been maintaining positive relations between its member states. Since the world experienced the global fiscal turmoil among the markets in the world, just to get the ducks in the row, NAM surfaced with its policies to safeguard the economy of its nations. It mandated its plans with the collective responsibility among its members. It was a call for a unitized effort between the country members. NAM has always stood by the side of its members irrespective of the nature of the situation. Global financial crisis was a deep chasm in the pillars of the political and economical systems. NAM mustered its efforts and since then it has been assisting its members and overcoming the circumstances with the development of nations.
The global imbalance was reported as the nastiest financial disaster happened after World War II. Many rich countries in the world are still toiling to maintain the GDP they used to have before the crisis. The aftereffects of the crisis are still pendulous in the systems of the countries, keeping most of them battling to regain the lost economy. After getting the knowledge of the disaster, NAM held out meetings with its member states to know the economic and political situations of its members. The financial matter has long been the part of the NAM’s summits, which is still buckling down for the stabilities of economies. As the economy differs with the countries organizational structures, NAM has always influenced its members to face the situations judiciously irrespective of the challenges posed by the situation. Among the most economically stable system, India was at the edge of being blown away with the twister, which has held the top power blocs USA and Europe to keep battle for the financial stability.
The flow of export in India was low at the time of recession. India’s banking system by RBI was strong enough to overcome through the phase. That is why the damage did not cripple the country. The time crisis stroked, all the foreign investors fled away from India to recover their country’s loosen-up stitches. That time NAM took positive advantage of the situation, giving the directions through the binocular of peaceful policies. As India is one of the major contributors in laying out the NAM policies, the situation was sensibly taken into the course. In spite of going through the hurdles of inflation, in its efforts NAM through its stalwart approach has surfaced India as one of the top economies in the world, which made India to survive in the global crisis. Moreover, India was affected by 4% as compared to other western power blocks with 9%. NAM’s rotating chair system has always helped the organization to get to the root cause of the problems. With the course of chairs shifted with respect to the summits, the policies were adhered well in every location and which helped spreading the word across the borders.
NAM has never forced to stick to a single angle of view. It has always infused the linear equations of development and peace in the minds of its member states. That is why every single nation is defined with different economic, political, technical and cultural models with respect to their demography.
This reflexive way of living has always uplifted the economies of its member states. Among the most important principles that have been leading the group mutually is multilateralism. Peaceful relations with power blocs and neutral approach in carrying out the interests of each other have always been adhered by its members. Compromise between the nations and cooperative working has helped each other harboring through the storm of financial crisis..
The way NAM has been bestowing its policies, there is a picture of possibility, that the NAM would be clearing off the devil of financial crisis through the homes of 55% of population in the upcoming years. This could be a life changing step for all the developing nations.

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