No signs that other signatories are going to quit the Treaty on Open Skies

Hailing it a positive thing, Russia on Monday, July 6, said that there are no signs that other signatories are planning to quit the Treaty on Open Skies, a deal which the United States said to withdraw from.

After a videoconference on the treaty, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, reiterating the same, said, “So far, there are no signs [that other parties to the treaty are planning to withdraw from it] and, naturally, this is a positive thing.”

Adding further, he said, “But neither do we see that U.S. allies – and there were quite a lot of them among those who spoke today – are ready to help resolve the problems we are pointing to.”

The treaty aimed at building confidence and familiarity among states-parties through their participation in the over flights was put into effect in 2002. 35 nations, including Russia, the United States, and some other members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have signed the deal.  

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