“No Expiry Date” for United Nations Values of Peace, Progress and Human Rights

The Secretary-General stated that the “spirit of solidarity and action” that commemorates United Nations Day is “wonderfully expressed in the power of music” during a celebratory concert in New York on Thursday night, celebrating the anniversary of the fundamental UN Charter entering into force. 

The real Day is October 24th, when the Organization annually reaffirms the goals and ideals that have guided it for the previous 76 years. 

As the world slowly recovers from the COVID-19 epidemic, the 2021 concert serves as a call to promote international collaboration in the interests of both nations and peoples, in order to ensure a more peaceful and prosperous future for all. 

The event this year had a hybrid format, including live and pre-recorded acts as well as a small audience that adhered to physical separation standards. 

The evening’s lineup included acclaimed violinists Angela and Jennifer Chun, as well as soprano Youngok Shin, who gave live performances while pre-recorded videos featuring acclaimed soprano Youngmi Kim, the Goyang Philharmonic Orchestra, pianist Yungwook Yoo, and the all-female K-pop band, aespa, were screened. 

The Secretary-General noted in his statement commemorating the day that the UN was founded 76 years ago as “a vehicle of hope for a world emerging from the shadow of catastrophic conflict, today the women and the men of the UN carry this hope forward around the globe”.  

While COVID-19, conflicts, hunger, poverty, and the climate disaster serve as reminders that our world is far from perfect, they also demonstrate that “solidarity is the only way forward,” according to the UN chief. 

Mr Guterres suggested that this may be accomplished by ensuring that everyone, everywhere, had access to COVID-19 vaccines “sooner rather than later” and by resolving the “conflicts that scar our world,” according to Mr Guterres. 

As outlined in his recent report, Our Common Agenda, he also stressed the importance of “securing and upholding the rights and dignity of all people,” particularly the poorest and most disadvantaged, girls and women, children and young people; and building a more inclusive, networked, and effective global governance. 

The UN Charter’s objectives of peace, development, human rights, and equal opportunity for all, which have guided the organization for 76 years, “have no expiry date,” according to the top UN official. 

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