New Guidelines Launched by WHO Regional Office for Europe to Assist Stakeholders in Health and Sustainable Development

The WHO Regional Office for Europe has released the E4As Guide, which aims to increase key stakeholders’ involvement in health and sustainable development. Engage to Assess, Align, Accelerate, and Account (E4As) is a collection of approaches, diagnostic tools, guidance materials, processes, and mechanisms to assist in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The guide was created in response to Member States’ requests for a toolkit to help them implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

The 2030 Agenda calls on decision-makers to transform and change the way they formulate and deliver policies that affect citizens, and the SDGs must be realized as a whole. This guide presents selected methods, information, resources, and case studies for health stakeholders and policymakers to promote the necessary transformation in the health system. 

The E4As Guide, for example, provides health stakeholders with examples of how to participate, assess progress, and identify gaps if a country has committed to present a Voluntary National Review at the High-Level Political Forum — the 2030 Agenda’s formal follow-up and review mechanism. 

It also provides details on policy tools and mechanisms that can be used to apply the review’s findings to improve alignment, coherence, transparency, and accountability in the pursuit of health-related SDGs. The E4As Guide can also be used to establish development and health strategies, as well as recovery plans, such as those required as societies recover from COVID-19, and other areas where action is needed. 

The book was created in conjunction with national governments, civil society, and academia, and it includes case studies from nations and organizations all around the Region. 

The guide offers important information for anybody interested in promoting and safeguarding health and well-being, including policymakers, public health institutions, academics, civil society, development partners, and funding agencies. 

The European Programme of Work 2020–2025 – “United Action for Better Health in Europe” is focused on ensuring that more people have access to universal health coverage and benefit from improved health and well-being. Achieving effect in countries is critical, and providing stakeholders with the essential information on the SDGs and their influence on broader health goals is a big part of that. 

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