New Ebola outbreak in DR Congo challenges health infrastructure of the nation

With the Western African country already battling with the coronavirus pandemic and the resultant weakening economy along with measles outbreak, the new outbreak of Ebola has significantly challenged the health authorities of Democratic Republic of Congo.

On June 1, the concerned authorities announced a new Ebola outbreak in the western city of Mbandaka, adding to another epidemic of the virus that has raged the country since 2018.

Health Minister of DR Congo, Eteni Longondo, has confirmed about the new outbreak. He said, “We have a new Ebola epidemic in Mbandaka… We are going to very quickly send them the vaccine and medicine.”

In Mbandaka which is a trading hub of 1.5 million people on the Congo River with regular transport links to the capital Kinshasa, six cases have been detected of which four have already died.

“This outbreak is a reminder that #COVID19 is not the only health threat people face”, World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tweeted.

Apart from Mbandaka, North Kivu province by the Uganda border is already tackling the ongoing outbreak of Ebola that has killed over 2,200 people.

The Ebola virus was discovered near the Ebola River in 1976 and the new outbreak in Mbandaka is the eleventh outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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