Nepal introduces ordinance to punish acid attackers

The government of Nepal has introduced an ordinance to punish those guilty of perpetrating acid attacks. The ordinance has a provision of a jail term of 20 years and a fine of Rs 1 million against anyone throwing acid on anyone or using others to do so, resulting in the loss of vision due to serious harm to both eyes; or loss of hearing due to burn in both ears; or the face getting disfigured due to severe burns; or both breasts are burnt and completely damaged (in case of females); or burns in the genitals. 

Similarly, the acid attacker will be fined Rs 700,000 to Rs 1 million in addition to a jail term of 10 to 20 years if one of the two eyes or ears is burnt; or if there is partial burn on the face; or if one of the two breasts are burnt (in case of females); or if both hands and legs are burnt completely; or if there are partial burns on the head and the spinal cord. 

Similarly, the ordinance has a provision for imprisonment of five to ten years along with Rs 100,000 to Rs 500,000 in fines if any body part gets disfigured. 

According to the ordinance, legal action will be taken against the perpetrator like in a murder case if the victim dies after some time due to the acid attack. 

The offender will also be slapped a jail term of upto 10 years and a fine of upto Rs 500,000 even if the attack doesn’t cause any harm. 

A new ordinance issued by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli administration also has ensured free of cost treatment for victims of acid attack and also has put a ban on collecting funds in the name to help the victim. 

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