NAM’s fight against chronic diseases

“If we keep our neighbourhood clean, we will see our future generations, grow with rejuvenated mental scheme”
– Dr. Tush Pand

The increasing number of diseases and health problems in the developing countries has always been the matter of cogitation. The percentages of the diseases like cholera, typhoid, hepatitis ABC, yellow fever and AIDS have been escalating in the developing countries. They are suppressed under the weight of changing economy and price hike. As a reason the poor is getting poorer and the rich is getting richer. Just to balance the economy and healthy lifestyle of people; NAM is working thoroughly on effective prevention measures.
Due to lack of sanitation and not being able to achieve the healthy lifestyle, people are more prone to these diseases. The problem of poor health and incomplete nutrition among the people are the primary issues of not being able to walk in a good lifecycle. According to a health analysis among the developing nations, more than 3 million people, especially children die of malnutrition, which is weakening the immunity to resist from bacteria and germs. NAM has always stood to its principles and has been successful in eliminating the imperialism and neo-colonialism in many countries. Not only NAM stressed over the major problems, but its core strategy has a set of policies designed for every distinct nation. Just to regulate good health policies, NAM is efficaciously laying out plans. As NAM modifies its policies according to the models set for different countries. It also conducts meetings and conferences with the heads of the countries, apart from the global summits.
Since, every country has a different lifestyle and they have different dimensions to work upon the strategies, NAM under its supervision has been working with nations from its inception to eradicate the cause of diseases. It has been working on to revamp the existing mechanism, operations and processes that the movement had injected.According to the health examination in the developing countries, poverty and malnutrition among people are the most prevalent causes which are degrading the health of people from all aspects. Not being able to afford the better health standards is one of the major causes found to be linked with the economy of the nations. One of the elemental restrictions which are making hard for some of the nations; to apply the NAM standards and its principles is the poor health. And to successfully implement that, NAM has been working and enhancing the mutual efforts solely within the nations.Since NAM believes in the multilateralism, building positive relations between the nations have always been the top priority of NAM before looking into any cause. NAM has a belief that if people of a nation are healthy and able to think clearly for what they are meant for, then no negative power and domination can ever touch the protective shell of a nation. In order to achieve that, NAM recommends working on individually. Among the major causes of nations, poor health and poverty have always been included in the summits. With the rotating chair of responsibility, the situations and their solutions are taken out well by the NAM.
Non-Aligned Movement has always walked with the developing countries and assisted them from all sorts of economic, political, cultural and technical problems. To get the control over diseases, NAM is targeting to put a barricade in front of the stream of diseases. Secondly, it is planning to organize different health programs in the most affected areas of the countries; to educate people about the importance of healthy living and small things that go unnoticed in the living schedules. The policies of NAM are designed in such a way that not a single issue goes untreated. Just to make a strong nexus between the countries politically and economically, NAM believes in working with the cooperative efforts among its members; to strengthen positive relations and by equally sharing the problem to achieve goals quickly.
NAM has a special modus operandi which is taken out judiciously within its members. The way NAM is framing its ideas; the time is not far when the developing nations will soon wear the crown of “developed” nations. If the constructive approach of NAM is continued and accepted globally, then it will be a proud moment for all countries to get listed among the powerful nations of the world.

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