NAM’s efforts towards cultural stability

Bringing the cultural stability in society and maintaining the standards are the two significant points, which constitute a strong cultural platform of a country. Various ideologies are proposed in the cultural Diasporas pertaining their authentic diverse nature around the world. Culture is often considered as the virtual mirror of a society coming from the conscious and subconscious minds of the people, which have lot of banes and boons in holding it firm. Non-aligned Movement is one of the strongest groups of nations, which is diverse in its nature holding the ideologies of more than 50% of the population in the world. NAM has always maintained the religious vows keeping the limits and sensitivity of the cultures in mind.
NAM supports the developing countries to overcome the economic, political and cultural barriers of the world. Since culture is inter-related to all the factors, NAM has always worked judiciously towards the factors influencing the cultural elements. In order to get to the roots of the cultural muddle, NAM has been working towards a range of policies and programs separately to eliminate the cultural tension and to spread freedom among the souls. In addition, separate meeting are organized with the heads of the countries to get different views of the cultural backdrop of countries. Some special models are also being taken into play with the increasing globalization. The cultural assimilation is what every nation is experiencing; since from the time technology has embarked its revolution in the society.
To bring the positivity in the cultures, NAM has been deeply concerned about the religious and climate factors. Culture in countries like India is all comprised of the religious ideologies and beliefs, which bind their own positive sense. In addition, geography of the nation is also considered as the most prominent factor to be handled seriously. Different geography pertains different traditions and such distinctiveness in different parts of the world need a firm control over the system. NAM has been successful in maintaining and building the ground of diversity between nations, which helps maintaining peace.Since, from the inception of the group; NAM has kept the pace of bilateral and multilateral relation between the nations flawless from decades. Just to implement this ideology of development, NAM targeted on the compatibility of cultures between its members carrying distinguishing ideologies and activities separating them by language, nationality and tradition. The sustainable development in the society has always depended on the collective participation of its member states through some means. It encourages its members to reach out with their own richness. Depending on the geography, every country is rich through some means like oil, agriculture, coal, technology, education etc. Just to empower the economical growth of its members, NAM has consistently emphasized on the good cultural understanding, which is being adhered by its members too.
NAM has a system of summits, which are organized yearly depending on the ongoing trend in the society. It has prioritized the cultural participation in its summits and meetings by keeping all the angles of the factors with the criticalness of the situations. NAM keeps amending new reforms into the system with the course of time and never lags behind. The advent of Globalization has also helped NAM to carry out its techniques efficiently.
It has broadened up the approach between its members and has increased the level of development in all sectors. Since NAM has always welcomed technological change, it has become easy to take tour of cultural values of distinct religious groups, which is technically strengthening the communication between the countries. Just like NAM has been buckling down its efforts to keep the economic and political climate stable, the effort seems to be having a long scope of complete stability. With a strong backdrop of principles, the movement is on its way to become the top most hubs of strong economies and a new revolution is expected to be witnessed in future.

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