NAM’s efforts towards Anti-Pollution measures

With the record breaking statistics of pollution, the temperatures of mother earth seems to be turbulent than before. The rising temperatures and unhealthy air in the surroundings are growing concerns in the society which have compelled everyone to go for non-hazardous way of living. According to a report released by the UN World Health Organization (WHO), in total- Indoor and outdoor pollution has claimed 7 million lives in 2012, which was the biggest health environmental risk. “The risks from air pollution are now far greater than previously thought or understood, particularly for heart disease and strokes,” said Maria Neira, Director of WHO’s Department for Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health.
Assisting United Nation in the anti-pollution programs Non Aligned Movement has affirmed that the there will be well-structured programs and measures towards eliminating the rate of pollution. In a conclave between the delegates, all have drawn concerns over the bad quality of air around the world and have affirmed that the millions of people die every year due to the worst quality of air. Some member states have called for the strong scrutiny over the public services and the execution.
Among the top Millennium Development Goals, NAM has been working well on environment issues, health and development issues. The core ideology and a knack of judicious working has always helped the group excel towards a better world. It has been actively working towards meeting the millennium development goals and fully committed towards bringing the sustainable and friendly environment for its member states. With the continuing challenge, NAM has urged its member states to scale up the global partnership between the member states to mobilize the process of anti-pollution programs everywhere.
Specifically, NAM has called its member states to implement refurbishment plans in Pollution Control Board, to bring noiseless and smoke-free battery mechanism as a fuel in every country. This plan was introduced after the reports revealed some astonishing facts on transport statistics. Without fueling up the oil prices, NAM has urged its member states to introduce environment friendly fuels to run the vehicles and is also in the process to fabricate new policies in bringing renewable resources in the trend.
To the segment of people suppressed under the poverty, NAM has encouraged its member states to turn on the switch of multilateralism and expecting more agreements between the nations to cover up the economical pits. With the growing unsustainable policies in sectors such as transport, energy, waste management and industry, NAM has not only ordered for clean economic order and rather bringing a more transparent system to understand the political wickedness. So the new policies are expected to be healthier and more economical in the long term due to health-care cost savings as well as climate gains.
Many member states have claimed that, with the developing trend of globalization, many parts of the countries are deprived of basic amenities and education, due to which they fail to understand the importance of hygiene and healthy life. In its summits, NAM had gone through the problems and working well to lay out new foundations for a strong education system. Along with this, several member states have come forward to organize various educational camps for those who are not economically sound.
For any cause, NAM has always stressed on the economical element for any global cause. With the increasing efforts and interest to eradicate pollution, NAM is rather working on the human development to bring a sense of understanding among all the segment of people from lower to higher. The anti-pollution programs and policies are expected to be stronger than before. Since pollution is a global concern, NAM should need to maintain good relations with the western counterparts and should not bring any policy harming international interests of the nations.

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