NAM’s efforts to prevent food waste in Developing Countries

Food scarcity has been one of the major concerns of the developing countries, which has crippled the health conditions of nations for decades. Not being able to have full diet at a time is leading the lack of physical and mental vigor among nations. The foremost reason is the wastage of food due to not having enough tools and technology to maintain the garden-fresh conditions of natural food and preservation techniques. Millions of tons of waste is being thrown and tossed into the trashcans. Much of the food items don’t reach to their destinations, either they are lost during the supply or disposed off in the market place and outside the houses as consumerist comportment. With the increasing number of population, the rural-urban chains are not enough extended to balance the situation.
Diving into the core problems and strict surveillance over its members, Non-Aligned Movement has separated this situation out on the table after a close examination. This predicament has long been affecting the economies of its member states and has been restraining them to survive well. Since technology is the leading giant involved in smallest activities, NAM has decided to improve the cold-chain technology to prevent the crops from being putrefied. This technology preserves the freshness of temperature-sensitive food items by maintaining required refrigeration during the shipment. NAM is stressing over strengthening the small-scale technology of refrigeration to get a firm hand from the bottom. It is introducing some small-scale systems for the nations to get a grip over the situation.
The step is in the effort of strengthening the international shipment of goods, which is indirectly a positive step towards increasing strong economic multilateralism between its members. The global step will increase the number of opportunities to get familiar with the latest technologies to maintain the economy of nations. Coming over the usage and handling of the equipments, NAM is planning to introduce some educational programs that will upgrade the thorough knowledge of farmers on handling the situation before and after harvesting. It has been noted that in some of the countries agricultural technology is alien to local farmers, they often lack the operation of machineries and techniques restricting them to access the global market. Being marred with the poverty and not being able to access the basic amenities like electricity and water, the reduced productivity in the developing countries restrains the farmers and authorities to maintain the food conditions. Just to get the ducks in a row, NAM is working towards the modern change in the economy of its nations, suffering from poverty and basic facilities.
Through the modern perspective, NAM has never missed the chance to install the latest changes in its member states. With the emergence of smart technologies and smart phones, today there are various applications and techniques, which direct one to manage the usage and wastage of food items in the home. Not only that, some major refrigerator companies are coming up with touch screen technology to figure out the amount of food and its eatable condition. The amendment will be taken soon into the system of developing countries with a motive of smart economic growth.
NAM has long been at the forefront of every situation that hit its members. In order to minimize the detrimental effects of food wastage, there is a need of reliable and easy to operate systems in the developing nation, which would allow the local farmers to work efficiently without any ambiguity. Most of the developing nations remain last in the race due to lack of investment. There is a need of fair investment policy within the governments of nations to scale up the presence of technologies. In addition, the wise use of available renewable resources would add up to the economy of its member states.

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