NAM’s efforts to minimize the political aggression

The norm of political turbulence among the nation in the world has long been crippling the pillars of the systems. In order to minimize the gushing of rebellious thoughts, NAM has always been at the forefront for its members in maintaining pragmatic relations with the organizations and nations irrespective of power. Since from the beginning, bringing the stability in the economic and political system within its members has always been listed at the top among its priorities to safeguard the basic frame of nations. NAM constitutes 55% of world population, which has been laying out policies with the changing trends and need of the people with the time.
Non-Aligned Movement has long been carrying the summits in different parts of the world since from its inception. These summits are aimed at the eradicating the negative elements and bringing the positive atmosphere in the affected areas of its members. The system of rotating chair among its members is considered as the most judicious and wise approach to solve the problem. It is being rotated with the summit to be held in the country.
Depending on the strength and power of nations, the domination on the system of countries has left some nations hard to stand from the ground. Since NAM has always been optimistic in its thinking, the policies are being taken into action with the sensitivity of the situations. The cold war had a long lasting effect on the minds of people. The political aggression sieged many nations and which can be found in the miniatures among some members. NAM has always acted as a buffer between the two unbalanced groups.
NAM has never acted against any power bloc and which is strictly adhered by all members .Earlier the two powerful juggernauts, United States and Soviet Union caused the imbalances in the economy of the developing nations. But NAM always fought judiciously without creating commotion in their systems.
Just after the end of the Soviet Union in 1991, the political aggression began to take toll over the countries. Most of the developing nations were the victim of it. NAM never let any power to suppress the economy of its member states. Not through the means of weapon, but through peaceful endings. Earlier, due to the weak backdrop of its members before the formation of Non-Aligned Movement, it was impossible to get out of the dungeon of the slavery. When the developing nations unitized themselves, they were able to fight back from the evil forces. At the time of the inception, NAM stressed over the collective responsibility between its member states, whose sole meaning is assisting each other from all possible means against the perils.
In last few decades, most of the Asian and African countries are known to be suffered from the political aggression. The policies of the NAM have been firm in handling the problems. Since every nation is pedantic for its system, NAM through its stalwart efforts has different set of policies for every nation. Respective of the religion and race, the problems are being taken into supervision through the models that NAM has framed for its members separately.
Just to stand among the economies and able to live fearlessly, many other countries in the world who are deprived from all sorts of stumbling blocks are joining the list of NAM to improve their economy. One of the most sensibly infused systems of rotating chairs has made NAM to administer the causes more deeply. The exchange of values and persuasion of NAM policies by its members is making it more thorough in its working.3
The political aggression is one of the major threats in the world, on which NAM has been working flawlessly and protecting its members’ economy and the system through peaceful means of communication between the power blocs. The way NAM is being concerned about this global cause, the time is near when the political aggression will be the history and NAM would be the strongest group in the world to bring peace.

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