NAM’s efforts to eradicate Ebola from Africa

Ebola Virus Disease is a severe acute viral illness often characterized by the sudden onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat. The disease has claimed thousands of lives over years; the recent onset was considered the most deadly that affected Central and West Africa. Ebola virus kills as many as 90% of the people it infects. It is one of the viruses that are capable of causing hemorrhagic fever. In 1976, Ebola (named after the Ebola River in Zaire) first emerged in Sudan and Zaire. Since then many countries have been working towards achieving preventive medicines.
The disease has continuously road rolling the economical existence of the countries. Due to acuteness of the resources, various countries are unable to fight from the virus. Coming across the degrading scenario, Non-Aligned Movement has tagged it as a global cause for its member states. It is concerned about the migration of the disease getting viral among the neighboring countries particularly. The first pandemic dates back in 2013 in Guinea, which was found in the forested area, called Guéckédou. The disease later spread with the flow of travelers infecting the major part of the West Africa.
Cases in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea took a toll over the West with a rapid increase in the cases. Central and West Africa witnessed much of the disastrous onset on the pandemic which marred the country’s economic resources.NAM prioritized the situation and dealt with the lack of communication crisis which were affected. The pandemic affected the economical conditions of the countries, to which NA called for cooperation from member countries to provide resources to deal with the crisis. The virus claimed thousands of lives until 2015 in Guinea has 2,444 death cases out of 3,674 cases, followed by Liberia with 4,806 death cases out of 10,666 and 3,919 death cases out of 12,965 in Sierra Leone.
The ravaging spread of the disease and the exponential growing graph of the cases, NAM called for member nations for collaborating efforts through meets and urgent conferences. With NAM members calling for unilateral support from the countries to help the African government deal with the situation the aid provided were much in time. to ensure there is much awareness about the disease and avoid the resurrection of the same in coming future NAM has been incorporating policies. NAM is inviting and holding meetings with its members to contribute through a global effort to make Ebola-free living in the West. NAM has called for implementation of educational and mass awareness programs which would create awareness amongst the people about the disease from all the angles. Understanding the endemic nature of the disease, NAM suggested the government for strict implementation of isolation and quarantine procedures with serious care. NAM has also been calling for meetings with the medical research associations of member states to help in research of vaccines to counter the disease.
Ebola outbreaks have been persistent which one of the reasons for less time being spent for research of medication and cure. African regions have suffered the most ever since the first strike claiming many lives. NAM had always been affirmative to provide strong support to the nation and demand international support for the same. The African common position was introduced at the 17th Ministerial Meeting of the 120-member Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). The development program was presented at the plenary session of foreign ministers by the President of the Commission of the African Unit, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, and was based on a plan developed by the heads of state of the continent at the last meeting of the body in N’Djamena, the capital of Chad. NAM representatives welcomed the developmental discussion on Africa providing inputs and policies suggested for the same. Since then NAM has considered the special position of the country and has time and again provided insights on the problems faced by the country.

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