NAM’s effort towards International Security

Prior to the World War II the international security was not as perceptible like today, it is one of the most noteworthy issues that world economies are working to stabilize the security. Being the biggest group and front-man of more than 120 economies, Non-Aligned Movement has always prioritized the international security as a significant platform for more advanced security system. Earlier the international security was primarily described as military security.
With the rising tide of technology and increasing resources among the societies, the international security has become much of a national concern for every country around the world. It has been working with various international organizations for better and free society. Several countries are thoroughly giving a thought over the issue of international security academically. Referring to the increasing menace of human war, NAM says that the human war is the most uncontrollable Frankenstein monster that has been perpetuating the wars around the world. Reaffirming to bring peace, from past decades the group has been proposing peace-building programs among its member states to minimize the conundrum of war and causalities.
NAM summits have always brought the loupe to the world to examine the security concerns. It has also been discussing the relation with the strongest economies in the world and has extended its efforts in the form of strategic plans in the official meetings with the countries. Bringing the economies to a world stage, NAM has not only expressed about the human security, but also the conflicts of trade and economies, environmental degradation, and climate change with the help of the non-state actors.
With a thorough understanding of possible threats to the human force, NAM is working on latest agendas that will define the advance ways of controlling the war among humans. With a pinch of modernization in the conventional methods, NAM is judiciously justifying the human security conception with the traditional methods and new contemporary methods, along with the highly interconnected modern world with international threats like poverty, nuclear proliferation, civil conflict and human rights abuse. Earlier the national security was often linked to the military security and few security measures focusing on state actors, but with the increasing globalized modern community the world is subjected to the lot of unexpected threats which are somehow extremely detrimental for people. Several international organizations are also being called for the economical and political support to the cause.
Referring to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)’s human security report, NAM has supported the theories listed by the organization towards a strong economic security, food security, health security, environmental security, political security and personal security. It has called its member states to lay out new policies relating to the theories.
With the growing security concerns, NAM has been buckling down its efforts to work on the dimensions defining the international security of the world.The need of surveillance and civil liberties has also been brought out by various economies of the world; to strengthen the domestic and foreign surveillance by the international agencies. By keeping an oversight, greater transparency and protection of citizen rights, NAM is framing its own organizational policies to balance the security and civil liberties. As the world is growing towards a better and more advanced societies, so as threats are increasing. Today the world is encapsulated into the web of misconceptions leading to horrific events of crime. NAM needs to propose a strong awareness program bringing the adversities of the event in front of them to tackle the national as well as state security threats. The political and religious rage in order to prove various agendas, there is a wide gap that is being created by groups forcing to accept their own set ideologies; diving the people and inciting the feeling to fight against the particular. Such inhuman activities should be stopped, rest is easy to control.

By Dr. Ankit Srivastava, Editor

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