NAM’s cultural support to Women

From decades, women have been the victim of cultural suppression at many places around the world, be it the developed one or the developing one. They have always been veiled behind the doors from getting education. The norm of epitomizing women for domestic work has left them battle for their own destiny and position in the society. They are remote-controlled through some vague forms of cultural beliefs leading to emotional and physical molestation of their instincts. In the open-minded 21st century, this kind of suppression still encapsulates the core existence of women. The fear of getting raped and molested dangles around them at every step they take in the society.
Mashing up the mental barriers and illogical ideologies of several societies, Non-Alignment Movement has surfaced the so-called ‘sensitive’ issue in front of its members. Keeping the cultural limitations in the mind, NAM has mustered its member states to fight against the brutality over women in the society. In its meetings and conferences, NAM has raised the issue of providing education at same pedestal with the opposite gender. It has been laying out strong policies in the favor of women depending on the criticalness of distinct culture.
For countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the women are being locked in the dungeon of male suppression and often being led to the darkness with no doors opened. Often mistaken of being physically weak, women are being sandwiched morally between their dreams and the societal pressure. Coming on the overall development of a country NAM has been highlighting the role of women how they have been setting up the milestones for the economical, political and cultural development of nations around the world. It has been planning several global campaigns with its member states to give equal recognition to women.
For the economic development of women, NAM has decided to give job opportunities in every field irrespective of the nature of work. It has been framing some economic policies to make women feel the essence of equality. The programs include securing decent jobs and influencing public and private organizations and NGOs to come in support of them.
In most of the rural areas, women are suffering from poverty and are being deprived of the basic nutritional health for survival, which is making them more prone to blood-sucking diseases. Due to the ailed health, they are not being able to work efficiently, which is causing their children to suffer from malnutrition. Just to eradicate the health hazard from the society, NAM has been providing the financial support to the areas circled by the diseases and bad living conditions.
It has urged its member states to prioritize the needs of women and has strictly ordered to follow the collective policies, which is to be amended in the systems of its nations. In addition, it has stressed on giving individual freedom and liberty to women for their individual development and letting them take their own decision for their future. Giving chance to be at the higher post in politics and giving the royal privilege in the society are some of the things that NAM has been thinking to refurbish the society.
If one musters all the empowering elements of women, today the exponential rise of women in the entire sector is contributing in the overall economic development of world, be it the politics, sports, entertainment, business and every possible field. Since, NAM has always stood by the causes of its member; it would need a close observation on sensitive religious issues between its member states. Exposure to the latest trends in the world would help women to grow faster with good efficiency. The issue of gender equality should be configured judiciously, which would pull out the stops from the halted lives of women. Otherwise, the Frankenstein monster of male chauvinism would ride over; where the consequences are hard to digest.

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