NAM’s brings new resolutions for future trends

Non – Aligned Movement celebrated its 60th anniversary and decades of warfare in bringing the stability between its member states. The movement started with a major cause of supporting underdeveloped countries and taking them out the dungeon of slavery. The occasion was themed with introducing new resolutions in the system to assimilate strong economic order for its member states. The discussion was headed towards safeguarding the political and economic interests of the nations and solutions to the global threats. The present leaders of the countries who initiated the idea of guarding the interest of third world stressed on the same principles, requesting to maintain the same for the sake of its members.
NAM is the brainchild of the India Indonesia, Egypt, Yugoslavia and Ghana, which initiated the movement against the negative effects of Cold War. Today, it represents more than 55% of the mankind in the world. It consists of 123 countries and 17 additional observers for the proper functioning in the states. Also NAM has always considered countries that strictly adhered its standard rules of the system. It also had internal conflicts with some member who objected to follow the rules of the same, which NAM filtered out by testing the activeness between members, some of them showed no interest and some were occluded. Today the group has the trustworthy countries living on its principles, which have been benefited from all aspects. NAM strictly has underlined the activity of acting against the power bloc. It encouraged them towards the peaceful relations with them, trashing the ideologies of imperialism and colonialism. The movement has always orchestrated the positive relations between its member states with the power blocs and always emphasized on increasing the global cooperation with them to solve the political, economic and cultural challenges through mutual efforts.
In the Ministerial Meeting Held in Egypt in May 2012, NAM stood against the issues which have the devastating effect from aspects for an economy, such as the disarmament of nukes, restriction on the mass destructing weapons, criticism against unilateral sanctions etc. Instead it encouraged on promoting multilateralism and bilateralism. NAM has always opposed the destructive activities and rather urged from the states over – strengthening the mutual understanding. All the resolutions directs towards amendment of latest ideas towards filtering the trash out of the system and fabricating a new set of policies to go with the course of time. The idea is also to install latest technology in the meeting and its member states. Concerns are also over the education for the people deprived of basic amenities in the affected corners of the countries.
Terrorism is the most heart wrenching issue troubling every possible corner of the world and spreading a sense of fear and distress between the people. NAM has been doing well in maintaining the positive relations with the power blocs to fight against terror and in its efforts could plan to commence a set of dialogue to mutually eradicate the targeted areas of their existence. Since the world is all dependent of the virtual working through internet, new cyber technologies are to be taken in play to pace-up the communication with the world. This would help having lot of sources around the world and the surveillance would make sure of the issues’ sensitivity.
Since every country is distinct in its geography and culture, NAM has a revamped set of policies for the development models of the countries, which would be amended in the member states as soon as the framework is ready. NAM is setting up a new backdrop to empower the economy and political climate of member states. In order to get the results of the planning that’s been discussed, NAM needs to have a strong auditing process for its communication to make sure that any new member is not exploiting the opportunity provided by NAM. The new techniques and approach could turn out to be a big political change in the history of NAM placing it at the top of the world.

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