NAM’s advanced scientific cooperation

With the superfluous flow of technology and the mind boggling amendments in scientific trends; it is out of the mind for one to define the horizons of information superhighway. Since, NAM has always been at the top of the plinth in maintaining good relations, among its top resolutions; it has always accentuated over the scientific advancement for the better structure of economy. NAM has been creating a path of flawless trade between its member states, by minimizing the political and cultural conflicts. With a strong belief in its policies and standards, NAM has been successful in carrying out the developmental plans for its members.
Most of its members have been facing discrimination in the field of science and technology. Just to break this monopoly, NAM has started working on the prevention measures in accordance with project models and also figuring out the hindrance in the flow of progress in several developing countries. It is also planning to schedule meetings to get to the root-cause of every nation. These meetings will especially welcome science ministers of member states to settle the ground of development; with the exchange of technological operations.
Among the NAM policies, working against any power bloc and involvement in illegal activities are some of the points to be taken care of by its members. Without disturbing the political environment of the nations, NAM is working sensibly towards some advanced policies according to the criticalness of the situations.By maintaining the international and national relations between its members, NAM is working at the backdrop to attain scientific and biological diversity between its members. Among the most important crux, NAM is also concentrating on the human resource development. With the agglomeration of new techniques and inventions, it is trying to establish a training policy and a set of functions to operate new technicalities of machinery.
NAM has always been successful in bringing the effective technical capabilities for enhancing the major systems of the nation. Since, the technology of science is everywhere and most of the developmental goals are achieved through science, the inclusion of new theories and technical advancement has always been one of the most important points of discussion. Learning and dissemination of information among the members have always been supported by NAM. To enhance the development and to innovate across the boundaries, NAM is also working in strengthening the education system for high literacy.
The way NAM has mutually connected its members, it is considered as the second largest group of countries after United Nations for successfully maintaining the pragmatic relations and providing assistance at every milestone. Encouragement of joint efforts within its members is what letting the developing countries to excel their borders. The discipline and the dignity by NAM have been keeping the identity of every member intact.
The Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre), which was established in collaboration with developing countries is providing the opportunities to persuade better science and research technologies. It provides information of new technology by maintaining the communications with governmental and non-governmental agencies; to enhance strong bilateralism and multilateralism between its members. With the changing trends of the world, NAM has been successful in eradicating many causes of the nations. The seed of benevolence sown decades ago has been making every single effort worth to live. With the increasing transition of development activities between the nations, NAM is not far to achieve its goals and making its members most politically and culturally strong in the world. With its rotating chair system, NAM is able to explore more within its members and by conducting consensus, it helps figure out the ups and downs between the developed blocs and the developing blocs. If NAM continues to work strategically with its focused approach, the time is near that NAM will be considered as the biggest hub of Science and Research Technology.

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