NAM stands against job inequality and discrimination

The gender stereotypes are everywhere present in the world defining the economical and organizational growth of nations, making the women in developing nations more vulnerable for a stable job. Millions of people around the world are caught in the hands of job inequality creating socio-economic barriers within the society. The cause has been resonating around the world where people are being pulled down and discriminated based on gender. Configuring the overall feedback from its member states, Non-Alignment Movement has been strictly spreading the word of equality around the world by genuinely maintaining a positive norm at the workstation. Equality has always been a rising pedestal for NAM for the economical and cultural growth of its countries.
The report of 16Th NAM summit discuses the implementation of various programs for eradication of inequality against women belonging to the NAM countries. The heads of the countries recommitted the “Declaration and Platform for Action adopted by FOURTH WORLD conference on women. The discussion of the 56th session of the CSW that focused on the empowerment of rural women and their role in poverty and hunger eradication, development and current challenges and reaffirmed their full commitment to empowering rural women as part of the overall efforts to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of women.
Workstations and working organizations have become a dungeon of financial and personality humiliation where the bonuses are set according to the sex of the person, which is later taken to racism, religion and apartheid. Being a group of distinct religions NAM is concerned about the unequal standards and norms, which have been enfeebling the economic orders of its nation; restricting it to become a strongest economic player. It says that all the global problems and successful economic standards have their origin in humans. To take its members to the untraveled path of development, it has been working with every single nation through the binocular of surveillance.
Primarily NAM stresses its viewpoint on customizing the organizational structure of the workstation for which it has been fabricating various models of management for human capital for a stable run of an organization. New set of rules and policies for the fair range of salary between the genders are to be prioritized in the organizations. According to the overall scenario, women are being paid less than men and they are segregated from the system with the low minimum wage, due to which they don’t able to bear the high rising standards of life. The unfair scheduling of time often leads to leaving jobs among women.
They go to work and are entangled in the undistributed schedule, which cause the turbulence in the lives of women. In its efforts, NAM is framing out various promotional programs and a set of compulsory guidelines, which would define the working style of women supporting financially and rather providing extra support for managing family. It is planning to pass national paid family and medical leave insurance program in its member states, which would ensure the overall scenario of family, and providing leaves to the women for family care. The plan would rather target on facilitating the re-entry into the workforce with higher wages.
These proposed guidelines are under the discussion with member states, which would be revamped as soon as the delegates concur at a decision. On personal level, NAM is in the process of introducing mentorship programs to encourage women to be a part of corporate world, which would help in giving them a roadmap for their carriers, followed by organizing international women specific events, which would help transcend the corporate barriers for a wider scope. On the cultural level NAM is working out of promotional programs to encourage people about bring equality in all bases of work.
The seed of inequality have been crippling the existence of countries at various economic and cultural levels. A more improved cultural and educational system could help eradicate this evil. Distributed in distinct class and religions, the understanding of being equal at work place should be taken out judiciously in all the member states. More than women, men should be trained and encouraged to support women at every level. Promoting the common interest would bring the balance in the system.

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