NAM concerned about using solar energy than fossil fuels

NAM came into existence to provide an alternative path for the developing countries to find a platform to stand aloof of the global pressure. Since its inception NAM has been working towards bringing stability and self sufficiency in the developing nations. Over years NAM has understood the pressure of development on the developing nations and has always provided alternatives to deal with the problem. One such problem the developing nations are facing today is an effect of globalization scale that demands for increased consumption of resources to deal with the short comings NAM held a meeting to discuss the alternatives for the same.
The major problems of energy development in the world have somehow economically been affecting the working associated with the increased use of energy resources. In fact, the limited export of fuels has forced various countries to install natural source of energy for a flawless facility in the system. Fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil are being used at a faster rate around the world, which are raising environmental concerns around the world. As a result, with the increasing risk percentage, Non-Aligned Movement is gravitating towards adopting the alternative sources of energy than the traditional one. With the increasing population and needs, the demand for fuel and energy in the nations are at an exponential rise. Most of the developing nations are being marred by the heavy subsidies that are set between the nations, due to which the countries suffer from lack of energy resources. They often face the shortage of fuels like natural gas and oil to pump the electricity for civil use. With the ongoing environmental shift in the nature, the increasing Green House gases and the fact of improper flow of energy fuels, NAM analyzed the consequences and the problems that developing nations have been facing from decades in energy management.
In order to improve the energy distribution in its member states, NAM has stepped forward to empower the economy and living with the installation of renewable sources of energy. The introduction of Solar Energy is one of the key plans that it has been working over. The circulation of this idea is to provide cheap electricity in the electricity-deprived nations to increase the productivity of various resources. The advent of technology has opened up various faster sources to manage the production of energy. NAM is encouraging its member states to include the usage of passive solar energy system in the organizations in order to reduce the global warming. From road to drawing room, NAM is buckling up its efforts to provide the best possible solutions for this global problem. Depending on the economical structure of various member states, NAM is laying out the developmental programs to reduce the use of carbon-emitting fuels and rather adapting green energy systems. In coordination with its member states, it has been encouraging to start the small-scale hydroelectric projects, solar panels and other self-sufficient energy generators. The efforts are not only to back up the civilized section of the nations, but the rural areas where the agriculture heavily contributes in the economy.
NAM is taking the support multilateralism and making the bridge of strong international trade between its member states and with developed nations. Since the solar energy profits are in great demand, the developing nations seem to have an excellent opportunity to get economically stable. It has been growing a field of fair trade between its nations and developed world to increase the efficient renewable techniques keeping the environmental consequences in view and rather increasing the opportunities of jobs and strong international relations. Under the surveillance of NAM, the countries have always been strengthened to meet the high economical standards. The member states should need to collaborate in every step and should work on the replacing the traditional system and rather increasing the business through solar systems. This would help lower down the concentration of harmful gases in the atmosphere and the need of energy would also be fulfilled. More and more promotion of green energy like geothermal heat, wind energy etc would bring awareness, which would be the first step of bringing the cause in genuine manner.

By Dr. Ankit Srivastava, Editor

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