NAM and the economic stability in Canada

Non-aligned movement is considered as one of the balanced group of countries, which has been actively combatting for economic, cultural and technical stability for better living standards from decades. It epitomizes strong bilateral and multilateral alliances between its members, which also resembles with the system of independent country Canada. Since, it is known among the most powerful economies, it has ample of opportunities to excel in any of the field and business. Earlier, the country welcomed elites, businessmen and traders from all around the world, which refurbished the economy of Canada. Among the top policies and criteria of NAM, implementing the governing principles by India for the international relations with other members; the five principles have always helped in maintaining nobility of the nations.
Territorial integrity and the economic balance with sovereignty are the top primary concerns in controlling the negative elements. Since, the world economy is dependent on the mutual collaboration of countries; NAM has always been pedantic in sorting out the error in the relations without any kind of tightness between its members. The codification of this principle not only helps India, but also makes other members to get benefit from it. NAM’s compatibility and its existence are also being maintained by adaptation of certain policies set by every nation for its economy. Every member has a different model which is being implemented by keeping the cultural, economic and technical conditions in the view. The injection of such approach in the vein of Canada can help them rendering a better set of policies to fight against terrorism, drug trafficking and other illegal devastating activities.
One of the most prominent principles which are the cradle of all human tension around the world is, the ‘aggression’ in the relations. At the time of inception, this had been the most prominent problem fetched out by the head of the members. Just to control the menace of increasing threat by ISIS and other terrorist organizations; NAM’s principles and its stratagem have always supported the backdrop of the systems of its members by providing anti-terrorism measures. Since Canada is so diverse, its multiculturalism makes it stand in a special place among the top players in the league. But because of the infusion of so many cultures, it is also prone to violent activities, which NAM has been tackling in a sensible manner for every member under its shed.
NAM has been strengthening the positive international relations within its members and pursuing its standards and principles judiciously from decades. It has been successful in culminating activities and programs for revamping the nation standards with the present world. The country like Canada is one of the top biggest countries which hold groups of provinces and territories. Just to maintain peaceful relations between territories and provinces, the economy of the country not only needs a collective set of rules; but also an understanding of values and the cultural differences to strengthen the frame of country.
In this context, NAM has been at the top of the plinth in preserving the policies of individual relations with a peaceful approach. Hence it symbolizes that Canada can be set in the policies of NAM, which could help them nourish relations between its territories. When it comes to the meddling of internal affairs, NAM among the set of rules maintains a policy of non-interference in the economy of nations, which has been among the foremost rules to be a part of it. This symbolizes that Canada with its territorial diversity is akin to the system of NAM and can take benefit from its standards and policies. From the beginning of its kick-off, NAM has never ever been against any power bloc and never interfered in the system of any country, which is also being followed by its members.
NAM has been firm enough to control the negative force against the political liberation of a country. If the above mentioned principles are taken in the view in respect to Canada, the political tension that have been constraining the developed world and developing word could be shunned aside and this could be a friendly global step towards the pragmatic relations between both the worlds.

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