Myanmar Election Commission says General Elections will not be postponed

The 2020 General Elections in Myanmar scheduled to be held on November 8 will not be postponed. An announcement in this regard was made by Myanmar’s Union Election Commission (UEC) while pledging to ensure all necessary disease-prevention measures are taken at polling station. 

Responding to the parties’ call for a postponement, UEC member U Myint Naing said during an online media briefing on Saturday that there would be no delay in the election due to COVID-19. 

“We won’t postpone the election as a whole or in any constituency because of COVID-19,” he said. 

He said the UEC would ensure that the necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are taken at polling stations, for the safety of both voters and polling station officials, in line with the Health Ministry’s guidelines. 

To allow for greater social distancing, the number of polling stations has been increased from 40,000 to more than 50,000, and the maximum number of voters allowed per station will be reduced to 1,500 from 3,000. 

Last week, 24 parties sent a letter to the UEC urging it to reconsider the polls. 

General elections are scheduled to be held in Myanmar on 8 November 2020. Voting will occur in all constituencies, excluding seats appointed by/reserved for the military, to elect members to both the upper house (the House of Nationalities) and the lower house (the House of Representatives) of the Assembly of the Union, and State and Regional Hluttaws (legislatures). Ethnic Affairs Ministers will also be elected by their designated electorates on the same day, although only select ethnic minorities in particular states and regions will be entitled to vote for them. A total of 1,171 national, state and regional seats are up for grabs in the election, with polling set to take place in all townships, including areas considered conflict zones and self-administered regions. 

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