Moon Jae-in’s Democratic Party sweeps the majority in South Korea’s Presidential elections

The results of the Parliamentary elections of South Korea held on April 15 have been in favour of the ruling Democratic Party who has won a landslide victory by claiming 163 directly-contested constituency seats and 17 proportional representations (PR) slots earned by its sister Platform Party.

The preliminary results, to elect the 300 members of the National Assembly that constitute of 253 constituency seats and 47 PR slots, have been declared by the National Election Commission on April 16. The National Election Commission said that the main conservative opposition United Future Party and its satellite party, garnered 84 constituency seats and 19 PR slots. The minor progressive Justice Party won one constituency seat and five PR slots, while the centre-left Open Democratic Party and the centrist People’s Party won three respective PR seats.  The remaining constituency seats were obtained by five independent candidates.

After the amendment of the Constitution in 1987, it has been the very first time that a single political party has won three-fifths of the total Parliamentary seats in the democratic elections.

South Korean President, Moon Jae-in’s ruling Democratic Party will again form the government.

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