Mongolia to resume classes in educational institutions in the wake of reopening

In the wake of reopening of economy, several nations have been exploring measures to re-open the educational institutions. In lieu with the same, Mongolia opened its educational institutes.

On September 1, the new 2020-2021 academic year of all kindergartens and general educational schools across Mongolia started post being closed since January, pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic.

General educational schools in the capital city of Ulan Bator and capitals of all 21 Mongolian provinces, will organise classroom training for three days a week and TV or online classes for the remaining two days a week until September 21.

The country is expected to restart classes for students of vocational training and production centres on September 14, while university students will return to classes on October 5.

Mongolia’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Science informed that no more than 25 students are allowed in each classroom, at all levels of educational institutions.

In rural areas, schools are to resume normal classes pertaining to less vulnerability of disease spread.

Social distancing measures along with other preventive measures like wearing face masks, body temperature being checked, and using of sanitizers must be followed by children entering schools and kindergartens.

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