Mohamed Bazoum sworn in as President of Niger

On April 2 Niger’s President-elect Mohamed Bazoum was sworn in during a ceremony amidst tight security in capital Niamey.. A couple of days before the swearing in, the Niger military claimed it thwarted a coup. Residents in the capital Niamey earlier reported hearing gunfire in the middle of the night in the district where the presidency is located. In short video clips posted on social networks, only several seconds in length, sporadic bursts of gunfire could be heard in the pitch dark. On the night of March 30-31, an attempted coup was thwarted,” Niger military said in a statement, condemning “this cowardly and regressive act which sought to threaten democracy and the state of law”. Government spokesman Abdourahamane Zakaria said several people had been arrested while others were still being sought, but that the situation was under control. 

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